Our Teachers

Sue Parsley

Sue is a certified master yoga instructor specializing in Corporate Wellness. In addition to teaching and lecturing at many WORLD CLASS facilities  including Canyon Ranch Lenox , Club Westmoor in Nantucket and Equinox in Vermont. Sue also serves as the Wellness Director at The Center for Motivation and Change in the  Berkshires. As a former athlete and coach, Sue quickly found her way to the forefront of yoga teachers.  With the precise instruction and athletic edge she adds to each of her classes, it makes them palatable to both the seasoned practitioner and the weekend athlete. Sue works with many celebrities and high profile clients sculpting their bodies naturally.and her approach has landed her respective Awards for Outstanding Guest Service at Canyon Ranch for 10 years in a row. In 2015 and 2016 Sue was named Ambassador to The Canyon Ranch Institute, an honor reserved for those who embody the highest standards of wellness,  both personally and professionally.

Blaise Gregory

I have had the opportunity to work with/teach thousands of clients over the last 16 years and have decided to take this hands on knowledge and share it in a more individual, focused setting. My strengths lie in an understanding of what works in a "real life" setting we can pull a workout from a book but if you don't know how to apply it to the your own specific objectives, it's a waste of time. Understanding what is needed to reach your goals are the key. Expertise : yoga, strength training; free weights, body weight, Chi Gong, Aqua; teaching basic strokes and fitness classes. Kettlebells, Sandbags TRX, VIPR, Mat Pllaties, flexibility, mobility, functional body patterning, Heavy ropes. Certifications: American College of Sport Medicine, Yoga Alliance CYT (certified Yoga Teacher), American Tai Chi Chi Gong Association, Crossfit Mobility, Madd Dog Indoor Cycling (past Master trainer) ,Indo-Row Schwinn Indoor Cycling,TRX, SHOCKWAVE,VIPR,ZEN*GA

Laurie Carroll

Laurie helps his students channel their yoga skills to work for them in everyday awareness, concentration, stress management and overall good physical and mental health.  Laurie encourages his students to be patient and kind to themselves, working at their own level. He will leave you with new skills of self awareness and empower you to find balance and centeredness in your life. 


Laurie Carroll is a yoga-alliance certified instructor through the Kripalu lineage. He is passionate about supporting others’ health and fitness. He is a native born Australian who grew up as a surfer and long distance runner, including two 100 mile ultra-marathons.  Laurie is a veteran educator who was nominated for the Distinctive Educator of the Berkshires. He has been practicing yoga for ten years and meditation for thirty years. 

Greg Delisio

Greg is a licensed acupuncturist, licensed massage therapist, certified advanced-level Qigong and T’ai Chi teacher, and Kripalu 500 hour teacher. He specializes in an integrative approach to Oriental Medicine, incorporating Qigong energy healing, Therapeutic Massage, and Herbal Medicine into his work. Greg has been practicing both Japanese and Chinese styles of acupuncture for over 18 years. He served as an acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine practitioner at Canyon Ranch for over a decade, where he also  lectured and taught classes. His teaching creates powerful possibilities for you for your own self-care. More than a decade ago Greg developed a close association with 19th generation Master Yang Yang, and incorporates his Evidence-Based Qigong and T’ai Chi curriculum into everything he teaches . He brings an integrated approach to healing, for a graceful body and peaceful mind. 

Sue Shook

Sue is a Yoga Institute Of The Berkshires Graduate and Yoga Alliance Member has been practicing yoga for over 16 years. Her own practice has a strong emphasis on breath awareness and feels it has been the driving force of her love for yoga.

She encourages students, friends and strangers to appreciate themselves by simply showing up on the mat.

Her intention is to create a playful, safe, grounded practice while focusing on linking slow movement with the breath. You will feel nurtured in your final calm Shavasana pose.

When not on the mat practicing yoga, you will likely find her beautifying a client's landscape, running or hiking in the woods with 2 loving labradors Buddha & Elvis.

She is a native of the Berkshires and business owner/partner.

Nora Fenner

Nora Fenner is a 500hr Kripalu Yoga teacher, Reiki attuned and shamanic energy healer. She has attended workshops with Manju Jois, David Swenson, Angela Farmer, Bryan Kest, Yoganand Michael Carroll, Ray Crist and others. Nora works at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health for over 10 years. She brings a light cheer, peace and a well-balanced physical and mental practice to her classes. She feels the practice guides her to inner peace and strength, which she offers to her classes.

Michael Pulitzer

Michael Pulitzer is a 500 hour professionally Kripalu trained and certified yoga and mediation instructor. He began his inquiry and yoga practice over 15 years ago while working as a television broadcasting executive. He has been teaching with the Berkshire Kripalu Yoga community, the Phoenix House program for recovery, Rhythms Studio, the Lenox Club and Berkshire Pulse and has tailored classes for men with Yoga for Guys as well as restorative classes. 

Kim Madden

I have been a PE teacher and a massage therapist for over twenty years, before becoming certified as a yoga teacher, July 2018. I know the body and I promise to keep you safe in my classes.  I want to teach a beginners class that anyone would feel comfortable taking. I will incorporate all that I learned in my Kripalu 200 hour YTT, including pranayama, warm-ups, asanas and relaxation. I use to be the one who would sneak out before Shavasana because I had to much to do or couldn't sit still with myself that long, but now I believe it to be the most important part of my practice.  The time of receiving, many of us are programmed to give, give, give but have difficulty receiving. I believe yoga opens us to both give and receive.

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