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Yoga Mats

What is Patreon and Why should you become a patron?

For just 17$ a month, Patreon members get access to a full library of   videos, additional personalized content monthly and discounted pricing for all LIVE and ZOOM classes! 

Virtual Workout

Access to over 100 Yoga videos 

By joining Patreon , you get immediate access to over 100 practices in the video library. You can book mark your favorites. There are many categories and lengths, from 15  minutes to 90 minutes, beginner to advanced and Chair Yoga!

Film Reel

 2 new Videos added every months

EVERY  month you get new content delivered directly to you, adding to your library , and you can request what you would like!

Online Yoga Class

Personalized videos for your needs

The best feature of patreon is that you can get content made exclusively for you . Simply email and I will create a personalized video for you and your needs. You may use this feature as much as you wish, your request goes immediately into the queue , and is  created for you!

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